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The sport fishing is fun and is one of the most popular sports, and although it is a low-risk activity, it is not without accidents and less considering it is an activity outdoors where we are at the mercy of nature. That is why I share with you these essential sport fishing safety tips.

Before starting, keep in mind that fishing can be in freshwater or saltwater, and there are several modalities, such as shore fishing, open sea fishing, kayak fishing, fly fishing.

Wear a life jacket. Whether you are fishing from a boat or on land, make sure all your companions have their life jackets on. It is common for shore fishermen to fish from rocks that, being wet, can be very slippery, and if you are fishing from the seashore in a breakwater, you also run the risk that a wave will hit you, throwing you into the sea. In the case of fishing with children, make sure that the life jacket fits them well.

Check the weather forecast. Before going out, check the weather forecast, and once you are fishing, pay close attention to the weather conditions as the weather can change quickly.

Hooks. Handle hooks with care when baiting or removing hooks from fish.

Keep your distance from other fishermen. Avoid accidents when you cast the hook, such as hooking the hook to a partner or hitting him with the rod. Check around you and make sure there is a safe distance to allow you to make your throw.

Protect your eyes.  Glasses, in addition to protecting you from the sun, also protect your eyes from hooks. If they are polarized, you will also be able to see the fish and objects under the water’s surface.

Protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen on exposed parts of your body, a cap or hat, and appropriate clothing to protect your skin from the sun’s rays and protect you from the heat.

Wear shoes. Regardless of whether you are in the boat, on the shore, walking in the water, always wear some kind of shoe. These protect you from any sharp object that may be, such as hooks, crystals, sharp stones, etc. If you fish from a boat, there are special non-slip shoes for the wet floor.

First aid kit.  As with any outdoor activity, always carry a first aid kit. You never know when you may need it, and it is part of your team that can never be missing.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and drugs while you are fishing. In half of the drowning cases, the victims were under the influence of some substance.

Respect the signs, laws and regulations.  If there is a danger signal, respect it and comply with it. It is there for a reason. It is normal for the river or the sea to look calm at first glance, but inside they can carry very strong currents that could drag you if you fall into the water. Also, make sure you know the local laws and regulations before you go fishing.

Remember that accidents happen without prior notice. Safety comes first, and it is not worth risking our health, well-being or even life for the capture.

Lastly, as experienced fishermen, it is our responsibility to teach the young, and there is no better way than by example.